Valorisation of lignocellulosic biomass

to Chemicals, Materials and Fuels lignoval cost



Applicant Status Gender Topic Originating Inst Host Inst Duration(months)
Jelena Milovanovic PhD student F Microwave-assisted depolymerization of lignin in the presence of zeolites-based catalysts Belgrade Univ Univ. Cordoba 6
Christos Nitsos Dr, ESR M Steam explosion pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocellulosic waste Aristotle Univ Lulea Univ 3
Catarina Melo PhD student F Heterogeneous hydrogenolysis of lignin under microwave irradiation Lisbon University Univ Cordoba 2
Sarah Le Guenic PhD student F Furfural and critical water - synthesis and application UTC Compiegne Aalto Univ 3
Manuel Ojeda Dr, ESR M Optimisation Zeolite Supported Ni Catalyst for Hydrotreatment of Solvolysed Lignocellulosic Biomass Univ. Cordoba National Institute of Chemistry, Slovenia 2
Majd Al-Naji PhD student M Aqueous-Phase Processing of Wet Waste Biomass: Efficient and Stable Catalysts for Production of Valeric Biofuel Univ. Leipzig Univ. Cordoba 3
Kalliopi Avramidou PhD student F Aldol condensation of furfural and acetone over basic mixed oxides Me2+/Al3+ derived from layered double hydroxides Aristotle Univ, Greece UniCRE-RENTECH, Czech Republic 40 days
Antonio Pineda Postdoc M Metal oxides supported on hierarchical zeolites as catalysts for lignin depolymerization CERTH, Greece Univ Cordoba 2
Ronny Wahlström Postdoc, ESR M Conversion of cellulose-containing hydrolysis lignin into chemical intermediates VTT - Technical Research Centre of Finland,Espoo(FI) Tecnalia,Araba(ES) 16 days
Maïté Audemar PhD student F Fractionation of wine stalks to chemicals CNRS-University of Poitiers Univ. of York (UK) 3
Paweł Lisowski PhD student M Production and characterisation of biomass‐derived carbon‐based photocatalyst Polish Academy of Sciences Univ. of Edinburgh 2
Nikole Wilde Dr, ECI F Microwave-Assisted Dehydration of Xylose to Furfural Catalyzed By Nanoporous Solid Acids Univ. of Leipzig Aalto Univ. 23 days
Marlen Verges PhD student F Organosolv fractionation of beech wood at lab scale and lignin characterization Fraunhofer Institute Aalto Univ. 52 days
Ewelina Kuna PhD student F Heterogeneous sonocatalysis for selective oxidation of lignocellulose-based model compounds Polish Academy of Science Université de Poitiers 2
Anthi Karnaouri Dr, ECI F Chemoenzymatic fractionation and characterization of birch bark lignins Luleå University of Technology University of Rome Tor Vergata 47 days
George Songulashvili Dr, ECI M Liquid lignin valorization through in vitro laccase bio-treatment Université libre de Bruxelles Latvian State Institute of wood chemistry 14 days

Catarina Barbosa

FCT, Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Portugal)

STSM to Universidad de Cordoba (Spain), 2 months, October 2014 -December 2014

Majd Al-Naji

Institute of Chemical Technology, University of Leipzig (Germany)

STSM to Universidad de Cordoba (Spain), 3 months, October 2014-January 2015

Jelena Milovanovic

Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, University of Belgrade (Serbia)

STSM to Universidad de Cordoba (Spain), 6 months, October 2014-April 2015

Manuel Ojeda

Departamento de Química orgánica, Universidad de Cordoba (Spain)

STSM to Kemijski inštitut Ljubljana (Slovenia), 2 months, October 2014-December 2014

Sarah LeGuenic

Organic Chemistry Department, UTC Compiegne (France)

STSM to Aalto University (Finland), 2 months, October 2014-December 2014

Kalliopi Avramidou

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki (Greece)s/p>

STSM to VUANCH (Czech Republic), 1 month, January 2015-February 2015

Christos Nitsos

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki (Greece)

STSM to University of Lulea (Sweden), 2 months, February-April 2015